Sprocket Loves



Hi! I’m Sprocket, a mixed-breed, happy pup who likes toys, yummy food, and chasing rabbits. My humans say I’m pretty spoiled. I live with two cats, Taz and Roo, too. They called me “OCD puppy” when they first brought me home, because I liked to put all my toys on my bed. I’ve spread out a bit now, and like them to be on the living room rug. Look around my site to find out what I really like, what toys last and which ones don’t, and all kinds of other doggie-related things!


A Note on Reviews

My humans are pickier than I am about my toys and treats, but I am picky about my food. For example, if I don’t like a certain type of kibble, I’ll spit it out and leave it next to my dish. Even if it’s mixed in with another kind of kibble. As we try different things, we’ll let you know how well we like something by telling you how many barks it rates. Zero barks means we’ll never buy it again. Five barks means I love it, and can’t get enough of it – and my humans like it too.


first day home

My First Year

My humans found me through a place called Starfish Animal Rescue. Kind people from this place found me and my brother and sister at a high-kill shelter in Kentucky. They loaded us up and trucked us north to Plainfield, Illinois, where we met our foster parents. My fosters had four of their own dogs, and they also had kids! We had lots of attention, all day long.

In December of 2012, my forever family found me through an internet search. My human mom brought me to work with her for the first few days, and ever since then she’s been home with me. It’s a good thing, too, because I had some problems my first year! I ate some things I shouldn’t have, mainly sticks and toys. I had to go see the doggie doctors. They put me to sleep, and I don’t know what they did, but I sure felt better when I woke up. Dr. Sill at Roscoe Veterinary Clinic is my favorite vet. need more toys.jpg

I also had a dew claw on my back leg that was different from the rest. Dr. Sill called it a “dangler.” I don’t know, it was just how I was born! Everyone was afraid I’d catch it on something and hurt myself. My knees were hurting me too, but the humans couldn’t figure that out. I had to have surgery to take off the dewclaw.

After that, my knees still hurt, more than ever. I cried a lot. My human mom was really worried. She held me a lot. The doggie doctors finally figured out that my kneecaps kept sliding out of place. Then they would “pop” back into place. My human dad has bad knees too, and he knew what to do when my knees popped out of place. But it was still scary and painful. They took me back to the animal clinic, and I had to stay there overnight. They gave me medicine to make me sleep, and they cut open my leg. When my humans came to get me, I was unhappy. I had to wear a stupid, heavy thing around my neck, and I couldn’t reach my leg to lick it. I really really wanted to lick it. E CollarMy human mom got me a different, softer collar, and that was better Comfy Cone Pet E-Collar, Large, Black But I still wanted to lick my leg. I was so happy when I didn’t have to wear it anymore! My human mom had a hard time keeping me from running and jumping for eight weeks! I was able to run after rabbits again around Thanksgiving. My mom was happy I healed before the first snow, because it can be really hard to walk up and down icy stairs.