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New Friend

In November, Charlie came to live with us. I liked having him visit, but I didn’t know he would stay! My humans gave him a bed, so I guess he’s around for awhile. His humans come by and get him sometimes, so I don’t think he’s here forever. He’s little. I think Taz the cat Read More

Tummy Ache

Tonight I ate half of my tire toy while my humans were watching a movie. When they saw, they took what was left away from me. But then they gave me ice cream! After that, I didn’t feel so good. My tummy hurt and I threw up. Lots of times. Maybe that ice cream was Read More


  I love to chase rabbits. We have lots of bunnies around our house, and they like to run across my back yard. I run and run and run but they are faster. Except for a few days ago! One ran across the back of the yard, and I tried really hard to get to Read More

Loud Noises and Booms

  During this past week, there have been LOTS of loud hisses and booms around our house, along with bright flashes of light. My humans went outside and watched some of them. We heard lots of laughter and kids yelling, too. It sounded like they were having fun. I was ok with most of the Read More

Busy Days

  It’s been a fun few days! My humans took me with them to run errands a couple of days ago, and they got ice cream on the way home. The nice person at the drive-through asked if it was ok for me to have a “pup cup.” Of course my humans said yes. I Read More

Neighborhood Walk

My human took me for a walk tonight. We saw lots of people outside. It’s a really nice evening. I got excited and wanted to go visit the people I saw, but my human wouldn’t let me. I don’t know why. OH I almost forgot – there was a big rabbit near the street!!! I Read More


I like looking out the windows. They are just the right height. I can see other humans and dogs walking down the street. I can see birds and rabbits and other stuff, too. I also watch for my humans to come home. I can usually hear their cars before they turn the corner. Read More

Fire Hydrant and Big Hole

  My human and I walked around the neighborhood today. We saw a great big pile of dirt, and a huge hole in the ground! I wanted to get a lot closer than my human would let me. Dirt. So much glorious dirt! There were humans in the bottom of the hole, too! I like Read More

Walk Through Front Yard

  We went for a short walk this afternoon. We looked at the flowers in the front of the house. I know rabbits have been here – I can smell them! They have been chewing on my human’s flowers. The flowers smell good, though. We walked down the street a little ways. There was a Read More

It’s a Sunshine Day!

It’s so nice outside today. I spent time napping on the deck, in the sun. I watched the other neighbors. I said hello to the tv guy when he was here. He let me sniff his hand and lick his phone. Taz and Roo like the sunshine, too. We all spent time in the entryway Read More

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