Category: Treats

Doggyloot Deals

My human sometimes finds treats, toys and more for me at a place called Doggyloot. Here are a few things they have listed today, all made in the USA: Achilles Tendons – These chews are supposed to be more of a challenge than bully sticks. Large Moose Antlers – I love antlers! Paw and Body Wipes  – For Read More

Busy Days

  It’s been a fun few days! My humans took me with them to run errands a couple of days ago, and they got ice cream on the way home. The nice person at the drive-through asked if it was ok for me to have a “pup cup.” Of course my humans said yes. I Read More

Bark Box Delivery

I got a new Bark Box today! It’s full of stuff that smells really yummy, especially the Barkworthies bully stick. Dad and I have already played with the Loopies toy, Specter. It has long legs that I can hold onto and tug, and a nice chewy bouncy head, like there’s a tennis ball or something Read More