An Outing

We all went to the forest preserve after dad got home today. There was so much to smell! I stopped every few steps to sniff the ground and the trees and sticks and the areas that were burnt. There were a lot of burned areas. It was dry, though. We came here last year and Read More

Sprocket Toy

I got a neat P:ECO Penguin Organic Dog Toy in one of my Bark Boxes. It’s made by Sprocket Pet Goods. How nifty is that? Mom doesn’t normally let me play with it very long, but today I stole it off the table after she took pictures. Within 10 minutes, I was able to get Read More


My mom was using the oven this morning. After she took a pan out, she was taking food off of it and she dropped a little on the floor. Since I always want people food, I quickly grabbed it. I dropped it right away and shook my head, trying to get the rest out of Read More

Walk, 4-8-14

We walked around the block today. We went a different way than we did the other day. It’s nice outside (mom says it’s 59 degrees). The sun was shining part of the time, but there are clouds too. It was breezy, and I pulled on my leash when we faced into the breeze, so that Read More

A Joke

Dad’s friend Rory was here yesterday. They were in the garage, and I wanted to go out there too, but mom wouldn’t let me. They were using fire! She did bring me out on the leash a couple of times. I wanted to walk more or play, though. Before he left, Rory told a dog Read More


I’m so tired right now. My dad played fetch with me in the backyard! It’s sunny and it’s warm and oh my gosh just so nice! We have new racquetballs. They bounce really well and they’re easy to carry. Dad bounced it off the roof of the shed – I didn’t expect that. I couldn’t Read More

IQ Treat Ball

3 Barks out of 5 Sprocket Says: I got to play with an IQ treat ball a few months ago because it came in one of my Bark Boxes. It was fun! I liked trying to get the treat. The ball was crunchy, too. My mom took it away from me within a day. I Read More

Banishing Cabin Fever

My human mom took me for a walk in our neighborhood yesterday. I could barely hold back! There were so many new and exciting smells everywhere. Every time I pulled on my leash, we had to stop and I had to sit. Even my Lickety Stik didn’t calm me down like normal. It took a Read More

PetProjekt Dog Egg

March’s Bark Box included petprojekt Small Dogegg Squeaky Dog Toy. This is now my favorite toy! I’ve almost killed the squeaker, but it’s still a ton of fun. When my human throws it, it bounces in funny ways I don’t expect. It’s the perfect size for me to carry around. I love to play keep Read More

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